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Whitehead Cooper Williams Solicitors

WCW continues to provide accurate and contemporary advice, representation and support for a wide range of clients in many areas of law, including all forms of real estate conveyancing and leasing, wills and estates, commercial and other disputes, corporations law and disputes, partnerships and business law.

We work in collaboration with many experts in different fields, and with our colleagues as members of the The Best Practice Lawyers Group, and share that decades long combined knowledge and experience with all our clients both large and small.


Our philosophy is that people, armed with the correct information on the law, and the correct advice as to how to solve a legal problem, can navigate their own way to a successful outcome. That is what a good lawyer should do- identify the essence of the problem, explain the applicable law, and suggest the correct course to follow.

The picture above is of Ball’s Pyramid. A rocky outcrop, in the Tasman Sea, near Lord Howe Island. With good navigation a boat gets to Lord Howe Island without hitting Ball’s Pyramid. With poor navigation, the boat either hits the Pyramid, or wastes large amounts of time, energy and worry on the part of the “skipper” getting around in safety. That is where the navigator earns his or her keep- giving the Skipper – the client – the right information and advice.

That is what we do here- provide good information and advice to our clients- so they can make the right decisions and carry them through their preferred outcome.

Our clients are provided with contemporary advice when drafting legal documents or when rights under the law must be defined or defended.
All of us are surrounded by an ocean of legal rules and obligations. Our aim at Whitehead Cooper Williams is to reduce some of the laws complexity so that our clients can best decide what course to follow.

Our Expertise Covers

Real Estate transactions of all types – buying, selling, leasing, developing. Mortgages etc.

Wills, Deceased Estates, Interstacy laws, Testamentary Trusts, and the like.

Business Law, including Partnerships, companies large and small, corporations law, directors duties, shareholder displutes, etc.

Family Law and De Facto relationship law, arrangements, resolving disputes, etc.

Local Government, Planning and Development laws.

Contracts, Agreements and Deeds of many different types.

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